Self Deport

Self Deport

Many of the politicians and amnesty supporters continually express the idea that we can not round up and deport the illegal alien population. We could but I don’t want to spend the money to do it.

The solution “self deport”. Reports are coming out that the illegal alien population has declined about 8%. The credit for this is going to the weak economy; let’s say this is true, no work and the alien returns to their country of origin voluntarily. This works for me.

Another reason may be the new Arizona law SB 1070 and the other States considering tough new laws. The mere threat that the laws will be enforced will send a portion of the illegal alien population to their native nations.

For far to long this country has not enforced existing immigration laws. A defacto amnesty or acceptance. The word does reach others in the foreign lands that the U.S. does not enforce its laws and others come.

It is important to remember that the alien has also committed identity theft and document fraud in addition to illegal entry.

The employers of illegal aliens have violated the law for far to long, too. Every job that an alien is doing is an American out of work. A flood of illegal people and wages are reduced, again affecting the American worker. Wages have been stagnant since the seventies and are directly related to immigration policy. The Immigration Act of 1965 increased the number of legal immigrants to directly compete with American workers.

At the same time illegal aliens were allowed to infiltrate the Nation and take work from the American workers. Illegal populations grew much more in the 1990’s up to today.

The employer must face a severe fine, a fine that makes it in his best interest to be completely confident in the status of their workers. A per worker fine that is increased on the second offence.

No work and vigorous enforcement leads to self deportation.

The best way to exclude the illegal worker would be a mandatory E-Verify system that is in place and better than a 98% accuracy. Give every employer in the Nation ninety days to verify the status of there workers and dismiss all illegal people. If 8 million illegal aliens working in this country were to be dismissed the new openings created would reduce the unemployment rate by 4%. An added bonus would be that wages would more than likely increase for our working poor.

Vigorous law enforcement. If an Illegal alien makes it past the Border Patrol the chances of them meeting an ICE officer are almost zero. This is why all police should check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being illegal ounce initial contact has been made. As the evidence points out, the illegal people will take notice and many will leave on their own.

No illegal alien should be released from jail into the public, from jail or prison directly to their country of origin.

All tax payer dollars used to support anyone in this country illegally must stop. The use of tax dollars to support people that have voluntarily broken the law is simply outrageous.

As an incentive I would suggest assistance to any person or family that needs help to leave. We pay for their ticket home.  Only acceptable carry on luggage any thing else they wish to take they can ship at their own expense. This would require some tax dollars, but in the end I believe we will save much more. If a person takes this deal and is found back in this country the person will remain in jail until the money is reimbursed. A one time offer.

The point being they will give up and leave on their own. No false choice of rounding then up and deporting them all. Some, yes, all, no, but the number to be rounded up and deported will be greatly reduced. An 8% reduction is compelling evidence self deportation will work.


Gregory Zorn



Where is the Tea Party

This immigration debate is far to important for the Tea Parties to sit out.

If the budget is your concern, amnesty will explode the budget

If the GOP is important to you, Amnesty will sink the party and give the Dem’s a permanent majority. This has consequences.

Picture what will happen to your second amendmint rights with Democratic majorities??

Picture the welfare state

We simply can not accept all the worlds third world poor, too many of our problems stem from the immigration policy.

Has the grassroots Tea Party been bought off by Freedom works? The US Chamber has a lot of influence.

if I am wrong, please let me know

Welcome to the Purple’s



I could not bear to tell my children and grandchildren, “I was there, and did nothing” You may feel the same.

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing”

Edmond Burke

 The idea of the Purples is to form an alliance with like minded people and groups, to join with others, to unite.


We are a group of individuals.

We are a group of groups.


You can be Tea Party and a Purple

You can be Occupy and a Purple

You can be a Paul and a Purple

You can be Independent and a Purple

And yes,

You can be a Republican and a Purple

You can be a Demarcate and a Purple


You are a Purple if you are in the sensible middle and put this Nation, our Nation first.

You are a Purple if you believe there is an obligation to citizenship.

You are a Purple if you care enough about this country to pay attention.

You are a Purple if you demand we pass on the blessings bestowed us, to our children

You are a Purple if you believe we have the capacity for self government.

You are a Purple if you will take action, and engage between elections


Our color is Purple, the combination of Red states and Blue states.

Our symbol is the Purple and white hurricane flag


We are not scared little people, the timid content themselves, the bold prepare to do battle. 

“How fortunate for the government that the people they administer don’t think”

Adolf Hitler

 We must summon the strength to stand up and do what needs to be done.

We have a Constitutional right to have our voices herd and we intend to fully exercise it.

We are not powerless

We will propose solutions.

We will be clear, focused and specific in our reform, our reasoning sound and simple. .

We propose a new nationalism.

We vote the issue, not the party  

We will solicit your ideas and take your input, hone our Bill in a clear and simple form. As citizens, we will write the legislation. Then demand a vote.

The lobbyist has a powerful hold on our representatives, they have money and influence. Just remember, they have the money, we have the votes.

We the People must raise to the occasion as our politicians seem incapable of resolving our most pressing issues. The politicians have been irresponsible, because we have been irresponsible.

Ours is a representative government, the politician is elected to represent us, not lead us. They must know we are fed up with the corrupt, inefficient and incompetent political class, both houses, both parties.

It’s still…We the People…Right,..!! And we must take the field in the battle of ideas as we assume our responsibilities as citizens and arm ourselves with the power that knowledge brings

The first order of business

IMMAGRATION REFORM, legal and illegal, as many problems stem from our immigration policy.

TAX REFORM, tax reform with the intention of restoring the US manufacturing base.

SPENDING CUTS, we simply spend too much, waste too much, loose too much. Endless borrowing is not a strategy

WALL STREET REFORM some will be incorporated into the new tax code. The remainder will follow.

TRADE POLACY, we will restore our manufacturing base and the jobs that go with it.

Become a Purple, join us, participate, support us, work with us and together we will restore peace and prosperity to this great nation.

Nothing in today’s condition is inevitable or irreversible. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.

The system that ounce served us well, and can again.